International Journal of Computer Networks and Communications Security



International Journal of Computer Networks and Communications Security (IJCNCS) is Open Access, implying that there are no subscription fees. No charge for accessing the published articles. Read more about Open Access from the Directory of Open Access Journals.

The publication cost is covered by the author. The journal Publication Charges. These charges replace subscription charges and allow the journal to make the valuable published materials freely accessible to the members of global community.

The journal provides open access to all the content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. Such access is associated with increased readership and increased citation of an author’s work. More information about this concept can be accessed via Public Knowledge Project.

The acceptance of a research article will depend upon its contribution. The journal's main commitment is not driven by academics merely showcasing their research prowess to each other. It is about contribution to knowledge and addressing real and not perceived issues in developed and developing economies.

The Journal mainly focus on the research issues which are globally relevant rather than on any accepted norms that might be prevalent in one region or the other..

Research contributions are sought, and they are reviewed and refereed by renowned scholars.

An author submitting an article agrees to license the particular journal permission to publish the work if and when the manuscript is accepted. The articles published in the journal are protected by copyright, which is retained by the authors.

Authors submitting articles to the journal do so with the understanding that with online electronic publishing, authors and publishers do not always have the means to prevent unauthorized copying or editing of copyrighted works.